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In the early 2000's art@radio invited artists to submit experimental music and sound works to be considered for broadcast. Artists/ musicians who created works which explored concepts of serialism and ultra-rationality, aleatory and anti-rational, musique concrète, chance & non- music, text-sound composition, microtonal, lowercase, sound/noise, synthetic and ambient /space recordings were encouraged to submit.
Content is from the site's 2003-2006 archived pages and other sources offering a notalgic trip back.


...broadcasting on the fringes of sonic expression...


Submission data:
Please include a playlist, dates and any urls you would like included in the arcchive, visual documentation of the event and/or designed instruments along with your submission include ur/emaill of current projects and samples.

Deadline: infinite

Send audio works to:
Steve Bradley, Associate Prof, c/o art@radio
University of Maryland, Baltimore County,
Visual Arts Department, FA111, 1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21250. USA

art@radio podcasting: 
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Send audio works to: 

Steve Bradley, Associate Prof.
Visual Arts - art@radio
University of Maryland 
Baltimore County, 
Visual Arts Department
FA111, 1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21250. USA


Steve Bradley

Steve Bradley

Steve Bradley
Associate Professor
410-455-2721 FA219C
[email protected]

Steve Bradley engages with time-based media, sound performance/installation, and material culture in his art practice. He explores the boundaries of urban and suburban culture by collecting debris, sound, and images from the consumed and littered landscape. He has received solo commissions and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts; Sonic Circuits VII: Walker Art Center; Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA); Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki; Blauschimmel Atelier, Oldenberg, Germany; Wave Hill, Bronx; and Hull Time-Based Arts, UK.

His sound performances, media installations, and site-specific art works have been exhibited and presented nationally and internationally at such venues as the InterAizoni Festival, Sardinia, Italy; Kunstradio ORF1, Vienna, Austria; (((NOMUSIC))), Strasbourg, France; 2006 Soundscape, Zürich, Switzerland; Transmission 003.3: Sound Art Festival, Chicago; Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.; Visual Arts Museum/SVA, Pulse Art, and Ricco Maresca Gallery, NYC; Red Room, the Vine, Contemporary Museum: Baltimore; and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Recently, Bradley published an article, “ShadowCast: Out of the Dark,” in the anthology, Radio Territories, Errant Bodies Press, LA/Copenhagen. His digital images and commentary were published in Leonardo/the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) Journal, MIT Press. His sound work has been produced in numerous CD compilations, including Die Wohltemperierte Kuche, Alien Productions/edition Kunstradio, DISContact, Canadian Electroacoustic Community, and Forces in 2 Dimensions: Untitled, Public Guilt Records. Bradley curated an audio CD, Hysteria, that was published in Link: A Critical Journal on the Arts, 2000.

In 1998, Steve Bradley founded art@radio, a net.radio broadcast project through which he has conducted streamed projects with several artists in remote locations performing simultaneously. He is the founder and active member of URBANtells, a collective that focuses on the interface between cityscape/architecture and urban culture. Recently, he was selected to participate in the Baltimore-Rotterdam Sister City Exchange.

Professor Bradley holds degrees in drawing and painting from the University of South Florida (B.F.A.), and in painting and electronic media from Florida State University (M.F.A.


art@radio on the River Hull, England
Hull Time Based Arts, rivercommission

March 2002
Audio works were selected based on the theme of the river; environmental, transmigration, sounds of garbage, rubbish and the landfill, river and maritime culture. Thanks to Emily Wilczek who assisted with the project. Dan Van and Norman from Hull Time Based Arts for their insightful technical skills. Ray and John for beer and comic relief. 
art@radio broadcast 
London - 7:00 pm GMT
New York City - 2:00 pm
Paris - 8:00 pm
Helsinki - 9:00 pm
Australia - 5:00 am
NOTE: new mp3 selection of artists works now available.

12 March , 2002 - Tuesday
1. Carolyn Moore, Underwater at the Main Channel. Sunderland, Massachusetts, USA
2. Adriene Huges, untitled, Stony Brook. Dan Diego, California, USA.
3. Barry Truax, Digital Soundscapes, 5) Riverrun. Cambridge Street Records CSR-CD 8701, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. 
4. Andra McCartney, Canal de Lachine: Journees sonores, 2002, Montreal, Canada.
5. Keith Bianchi, On the Theme of Toilets, 3) Public No. 1; 4) Public No. 2; 5) Public No. 3, 2002, Hull, England.
6. alku, MMIL, juicio final, principio21, http://personal.ilimit.es/principio, 1998-2002
7. Edward Ruchalski, Oswego River: Off Water Street, Leto Island, Fulton Boat Launch, Syracuse, New York, 2002, 03:30. 
8. Herr Stoltenhoff, 2) donau; 3) ostsu. Stuttgart, Germany.
9. Alysse Stepanian & Philip Mantione, the way of water / alysse 9.1, New York, New York.
10. Jonathan Phillips, Mississippi River Streams, Phase I: 3-6-2002, 2 PM - 3 PM. [excerpt] La Jolla, California, USA.

13 March 2002 - Wednesday
1. Brigid Burke, Water Glass and Lemon, 1999. Elsternwich, Australia
2. George F. Spicka, Transmigration, 2002. Baltimore, Maryland
3. Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Wonder-Void: A Text-Sound-Suite, Stockholm, Sweden
4. Steve Heimbecker, Songs of Place: Ile de Montreal , 2001. Montreal, Canada
5. Mark C Graham, A Walk by What Once Was (Theme for the River One), Roswell, New Mexico
6. Juha Valkeapää, Siberian Spring, 2002. Helsinki, Finland
7. Philip Barnes, All Points North, Hull, England.

14 March, Thursday
1. Claude S. Willey, Hydro-Radio, Irvine, California
2. Dave Noyze, Bryen Telko, Tales from the Riverbank and other stories, t-1) The Journey Over Salara; 2) ; 3) AI - Anti: Interactive - Telko; 4) CA Digit 5A - Noyze; 5) Hinton & Son - Noyze; 6) Leeds 4 London 0 - Telko; 7) Optical Allusion - Noyze; 8) Planet of the Ticks - Noyze; 90 Vic20 - Telko, Suffolk, England
3. Sofía Escardó, Darío Lipovich and Miguel Magud, Sin cataforesis, 1) Óxido Ferroso - Sin Cataforesis - 1998; 2) Kjjjjjj - Darío Lipovich, 1999-2000; 3) Herrumbre - Sin Cataforesis, 2000; 4) Ci - Miguel Magud, 2000. Buenos Aires, Argentina 

15 March, Friday - 
live sound performance in the Live Art Space at the Ferens Art Gallery. We performed live a work called,Sonic Landfill, sounds generated by manipulating found materials from the skips (garbage dumpsters), streets, landfill and tip (distribution site for unwanted goods); rob gawthrop, emily wilczek, espen jensen, john hirst, chris gladwin, kate donovan, gisele bone, bob levene and steve bradley. 

21 March, Thursday
1. Benjamin Gwilliam, HUMBERCALL #1, Salford, England
2. Stan Link, Nel Mezzo Del Cammin, Nashville, USA
3. laboiteblanche, Le Chalet, Nice, France
4. Eva Sjuve, Water, New York, USA
5. Giuseppe Rapisarda, Almaquae, Paternò, Italy
6. G K Montgomery, Washing the Hare, New York, USA
7. laboiteblanche, Radiator, Nice, France

22 March, Friday
1. laboiteblanche, Macrowaves, Nice, France
2. Philip Barnes, title to be confirmed, Hull, England
3. Matthew Teigen, Bodysounds, Baltimore, MA, USA
4. Peter Cusack, The Horse was Alive, The Cow Was Dead, London, England
5. Bill Talsma, Ditritus: Radio regurgitation, 1-6. Chicago, Illonios, USA.



FEAR ::-:: art@radio residency 
07-11 July
live performance: Friday, 11 July
Listen in LIVE >>
HTBA server

7-11 July

Steve Bradley's involvement with the FEAR residency was conducted on several levels. The first was to develop a deeper understanding of sound that potentially can be generated by altering and amplifying almost any object.

Bradley began by meeting all the participants to discuss their experience, interests and skill base in sound/performance. During the first meeting we created an inventory of all the potential noisemakers and other equipment the participants already have in our possession. Throughout the week Bradley and the participants collected noisemakers from thrift stores, such as toys, objects with potential sound (hand held eggbeaters, can openers, found records and players, etc) and toy musical instruments. Bradley and the participants altered the objects by building and incorporating into the objects contact mics- depending on the interest and level of involvement Bradley introduced the potential of sound from circuit bending found electronic toys. We also spent one day out in the field creating recordings from various locations in the city of Hull incorporated into the final performance. 

Finally, at the end of the residency Bradley and the participants developed a structured score and performed live employing the various instruments, field recordings and incorporating various processing techniques. 

Since 1998, Steve Bradley has curated art@radio, a net.radio broadcast of sound art and experimental music. Bradley's art practice involves sound performance, time-based media and material culture. He explores the boundaries of urban and suburban culture by collecting debris, sound and images from the consumed and littered landscape from around the globe. 


7-11 july: schedule
theFEAR = art@radio

7 July Monday
11:00am (+ -)
Arrive to Hull via Manchester
Meet at HTBA late morning/early afternoon with Ray, review schedule and changes. 
Meet with all participants to discuss interests, asses equipment, instruments and other resources we have access to for the week. Also, review resources for the performance? Review schedule and adjust depending on everyone involved. Create a list of tasks to assign to the participants in preparation for the performance. We will need a few participants to work with organizing for the week and more specifically for the day of the performance.

8 July Tuesday
I will begin by discussing my areas of interest: synthesis, field recording, max/msp, electroacustics, circuit bending, performative gesture. I have some handouts to give to participants. 
• field recording: discuss and site suggested areas to make recordings; sea port, traffic pattern noises, found conversations, the River Hull, etc
• deep listening / walking tour of Hull 1-2 hours. Bring your recording devices. If folks can share equipment/media that would be helpful. While we are out lets visit some of the thrift stores for noise objects.
• return to HTBA. If time permitting listen to what we captured audio and object wise. Discuss the schedule for Wed.

Short jam session.

9 July Wednesday
Instrumentation and found object. Bring in the instruments and found objects that have been collected and begin experimenting with what is possible with contact mics. Feel free to bring in electronic toys that might be useful for circuit bending. Students who are not so interested in hacking can work with processing their sound files in preparation for Friday’s performance.

Short jam session.

10 July Thursday
Continue working with instruments and hacking them if necessary. Begin burning ambient cds for use with performance. 
Work on a visual sonic score. Make copies to distribute to all participants. 
Before we leave for the day review everything we will use for the performance on Friday. Make a working list of any needed equipment. Who is in charge of what? Is it feasible to set up the equipment in the space in preparation for Friday? If so, test audio, mixer, speakers and any other audio/computer equipment.

11 July Friday
set up / rehearsal / performance

11:00am if necessary meet to complete any work for the performance. 
1-3pm set up
4-5pm rehearsal
7-9pm performance

12 July Saturday
follow up documentation session

For more information Please contact :
Raymond Mcfee
Programme Manager
Hull Time Based Arts
42 High St
Hull HU1 1PS
T: 01482 216446 W:www.Timebase.org
E: [email protected]




Every Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. EST
November 7
DISTURBANCE#1 – [+] Reconstruction
– Guy Van Belle [aka gívan belá]
November 14
DISTURBANCE#2 – [+] Disturbance: Surface Noise Across the Chambers of a Wax Heart, Parts: A,D,E,C,G,H,I
– Violet (Jeff Surak)
Novermber 21
DISTURBANCE#3 – [+] Shift Coordinate Points
– Esther Venrooy
November 28
– Alberto Gaitán

Well, if you had a disturbance both about your work and about your daily life, what would you do? (John Cage)

Disturbance is a temporary change in environmental, societal or personal conditions that causes a pronounced change in a system. Disturbances can have profound immediate effects on these systems and can, accordingly, greatly alter its surroundings. Because of their impact, the effects can continue for an extended period of time.

Sound in itself is a disturbance that propagates through matter as a wave. It activates us to hear things that we were formerly not aware of and can deeply affect our understanding. Four artists have worked around a particular event that has caused a pronounced change in their personal and/or professional life and transmitted this disturbance through sound.

With: Guy Van Belle, Violet, Esther Venrooy, Alberto Gaitán.

For Sonja Simonyi


How prescient is John Cage's quote considering the events that unfolded in 2020 and are still impacting us in 2021. The other day I was listening to recordings of DISTURBANCE#1-#4 I made as a student way back in the day. These past 4 and a half years have certainly been full of disturbances. I happened to come across the recordings as I was going through boxes of my UMBC college stuff my parents kept in their attic. It brought back a lot of memories of Associate Professor Steve Bradley. What an amazing artist. I was lucky to have him as a professor. I didn't go into sound design, but have remained in the arts as a graphic designer for websites. My latest work has been for an affiliate online casino website. Every week I create the promos for the featured online casinos. Most are for promoting real money slots. Although I don't gamble online, I will occasionally play the free versions of the new slot games just to see what they are about. It's rather fun to a lot of "free" money to use for betting. It allows the player, me, to make some really wild bets. If you lose all your money you can just refresh and start over again. Of course you can't claim any winnings but that's ok.
With Covid still rampaging across the country and colleges having to contend with its fall out, I am glad to see that the University System of Maryland and UMBC are requiring a COVID-19 vaccination for all students, faculty, and staff who are on a Maryland campus in Fall 2021. BTW: Any student who gets Steve Bradley as their professor is lucky.




art's birthday

17 january 2006

BATTERY - Steve Bradley
November 25, 2006

Blauschimmel Atelier 
Projekt zur Förderung der blauen Kunst,
Oldenburg, Germany

curator, Edda Akkermann
Using piano wire attached to a number of found and altered objects, Bradley drew out hidden sound that is inaudible with the naked ear. Through the use of selective frequency amplification, contact microphones, and processing, he turned the performance space into a micro- visual and sensual sonic experience. Bradley performed along with a video projection, creating a slowly evolving atmospheric space from which the sound emanated. One of the primary processing tools Bradley employs is LiSa developed by STEIM, located in Amsterdam, NL

Bradley’s art practice is interdisciplinary in nature. His focus deals with the invisible aspects of the “everyday,” those mundane moments that quickly fade away with time from our memory. 



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May 5, 05/images • Jacob Draminsky Hølmark, Rúnar Magnússon, Vindva Mei ART's Birthday/images, Kunstradio live performance, Baltimore <=> Vienna, Austria.
Oct 16, 03/images •  PIANO / ICE, Monika Wulfers, Thomas Gerwin jamming radiophonic space/images, Long Night of Radio Art in collaroration wtih Kunstradio
•  Michael J. Schumacher, Sean Noonan & Aram Bajakian NEARING the END, ROOTX/images,Hull Time Based Arts, Festival
•  Mark Steven Brooks, Philip Barnes, BRIDGER EQ/images, A series of themed radio programmes curated by Colin Fallows, Liverpool, UK.
Nov 06, 03/images • Aaron Acosta, Scott Smallwood and Stephan Moore, David R. Mooney, Rod Summers CircuitBENt/images residency, HTBA, Hull, UK
Dec 04, 03/images • Jair Rohm Parker Wells, Mike Sandler, Bèrangere Maximin
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net.cast :Wednesday November 2
14:00 – 16:00 UTC time, 09:00 a.m. EST, New York, NY; 15:00, Amsterdam; 16:00, Helsinki
live feed:: http://broadcast.umbc.edu:8000/artradio.m3u
November 2

1. t1) James Duhamel - Le Radeau (2005/7:59), t2) Martin Bédard - Topographie de la noirceur (2005/3:57), t3) Delphine Measroch - Machin Machine (2005/7:46), t4) Samuel Beaudoin - n'importe quoi (2005/8:00), t5) Ivan Elezovic - Almost there... (2001/6:30), Communaute electroacoustique canadienne (CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community Universite Concordia RF-302, 7141 rue Sherbrooke ouest, Montreal QC CANADA H4B 1R6 [ http://www.econtact.ca | http://www.sonus.ca ] << more info: http://cec.concordia.ca/jttp/ >> artist bios: http://art-radio.net/15fall05/JTTP2005.html

2. Sounds Recorded for an Empty Nightclub, Corporation Nightclub, Sheffield, England, in conjunction with Art Sheffield 03, 28 March 2003. A limited edition double CD available from the HOST Artists Group, http://www.hostoffice.org.uk/ | http://www.artsheffield.org/ artists playlist; << here >> <>

3. Isthmus, movement 1-3, Adam Stansbie, London, UK
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...sonicity produced by Ian Stewart and Ambrose Seddon...



jamming radiophonic space

EST 13:30-00:00 Friday September 3, 2004

live streaming event sponsered by Kunstradio
Long Night of Radio Art, ACIV TV Studio, UMBC 
Baltimore, Maryland

Kunstradio's Long Night of Radio Art: http://kunstradio.at/
visual documentation
statement >>



13:30 - 13:50
djamu, Chris Basile (Australia) & Bill Shewbridge (US)      
13:50 - 14:00
transported Hillside, S. Bradley
14:00 -14:30
Mobile Interventions:: Jago X      
14:30 - 15:00
Unhinged wifi, CowHand
15:00 - 15:20
Jacob Kirkegaard (Denmark)      
15:20 - 16:00
broken radio, Zsoul
16:00 - 17:00
Chance Tunings, S. Bradley (US) & John Hopkins (Lithuania)      
17:00 - 17:15
The Train by Renee Spencer and Charmetria Wright &
Danielle by AdvoKids (US), uniquely spoken youth / Phaye Poliakoff-Chen
17:15 - 18:00
art@radio archive; Stan Vanderbeek's Ghost
18:00 - 19:00
Mobile Interventions::: Joe Reinsel, C. Eby, Pauline Oliveros, Laura Forlano      
19:00 - 19:30
tape think : John Hudak, S. Bradley, J. Reinsel (US)      
19:30 - 20:00
Clinker, Brendan Howell, (US)
20:00 - 21:00
Crawl / Knot : John Sturgeon & Tim Nohe (US)      
21:00 - 21:30
alloradio: Chad Eby (US)      
21:30 - 22:00
Transmitted Bridges, Jodi Rose, (Austrialia) mix by S. Bradley
22:00 - 23:00
Cross Coastal Acoustics, Goeff Bell and Nicole Shiflet (US)      
23:00 - 24:00
urgent radio radio- S. Bradley, J. Reinsel, C. Eby, T. Nohe, J. Sturgeon, B. Howell (US)      
:: sign off ::